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Commodity Trading

Do you have an opinion how global commodity market will move? Do you have an idea of the oil market? Would you like to speculate on gold or silver? With Corpteck, you can dive deeper into a variety of natural resources. As all Corpteck products, you can trade on commodities as a spread bet or a CFD. 

Professional Trader

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Why Trade Commodities with Corpteck?

Enhanced Execution

Trade the most famous commodities, oil, gold, and silver on very secure execution with controlling orders and limit restrictions and no re quotes.

Trade On Margin

Do not test the water with both feet. Do not use all of your investment capital; use only a fraction of the total trade size.

Advanced Charting

Trade commodities side by side with Forex and Indices on the same powerful trading platform with intuitive charting.

Lower Transaction

We do not charge you commissions or fees; everything is transparent because you pay only the spread.

Indices Trading

One of the most appealing ways to participate in the capital markets is to purchase corporate stock or an index fund.
These activities are the backbone of many investment strategies; they come with several disadvantages. Hefty fees, considerable required capital, and convertibility issues limit their utility to active traders.

Some traders are interested in seeking opportunities in the world’s leading equities markets without buying an
index fund or basket of stocks. The best way to make profits out of this market is trading Indices or spread betting.